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October 17, 2017

Beyond The Middle East
Analysis of issues, events and trends in policitcal Islam outside the Middle East.

Dangerous Liaisons    
January 16, 2013
A shroud woven by the Muslim Brotherhood is descending upon the Middle East. President Obama is tentatively gambling that the Brotherhood will produce stability in the region and make him the first U.S. president to establish a long lasting solution to the Palestinian problem. For that grand vision to become a reality, the United States, the Brotherhood and Israel are participating in a game of dangerous liaisons, where pragmatism rather than principles is the way to win. Like any other grand plan, the outcome is far from certain and there will be winners and losers
Muslims in Secular Societies    
April 17, 2009
Coexistence among religious groups was only possible, many contend, after the birth of secular governments. Addressing the 26th reunion of the Muslim organizations of France, Professor Olivier Abel reflects upon the 1905 birth of laicism in France, the doctrine which enables today's Muslims to freely express themselves in Europe.
Accommodating the Taliban
An Ill Conceived and Unprincipled Policy [PI 567]
March 24, 2009
Accommodating some elements of the Taliban as president Obama seems to be suggesting is difficult to rationalize logically or justify morally. Writer Mushari Al-Zayidi explains why Fareed Zakaria's advocated view of coexistence with the radicals, which seems supported by the president is an ill conceived policy.
PI 558 - "L'Union pour la Mediterranee"
A Gamble for France and a Controversy for the Arab World
July 16, 2008
French President Nicolas Sarkozy took a gamble in launching his vision for a Mediterranean Union. The inaugural conference saw the emergence of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad as an effective participant and the relevance of the Arab League called into question.
Pakistan: The Rise of Sharif and the Cost of Islamic Rule    
June 15, 2008
By betting on one man, Nawaz Sharif, the Saudis could be making the same mistake Washington made in pinning all their hopes on one woman, Bhenazir Bhutto. PI Online examines the power struggle in this nuclear country and the prospects that could propel Islamists to power under Sharif.
[PI 541] - The Archbishop's Remarks through Muslim Eyes    
February 19, 2008
How was the Archbishop of Canterbury's speech about allowing Islamic laws in Britain received in the Islamic world?
PI Online examines the mixed reaction of three Islamist writers.
[PI 534] - Unexpected Alliance
The Muslim Brotherhood and the European parliament
January 19, 2008
PI Online examines how two unlikely entities joined forces for a shared cause, as Islamist Muhammad Gamal Hishmat unleashed his criticism at the Egyptian Government.
[PI 529] Journalist and Cleric Clash over the Role of Women in Government    
January 04, 2008
A well known Saudi Journalist is under attack by the religious establishment for insinuating that it is acceptable for a woman to head a government in a Muslim country.
[PI 522] Turkey - A Disappointment for Islamists    
November 17, 2007
The honeymoon between Islamists and the Turkish government was short lived. Perhaps the Islamists sense that the actions of the Turkish leadership, like the recent visit of the Saudi king to the Vatican, may signal broad rejection of Islamist policies in favor of moderate Islam.
[PI 502] Political Islam and the Un-Turkish Experience    
September 21, 2007
Author Mshari Al-Zaydi rejects the Islamists' characterization of the victory achieved by the conservative AK Party in Turkey as a political win for Islamic fundamentalism, a claim he considers unfounded.
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