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October 17, 2017

Influential Authors
Examination of influential Sheikhs, writers and thinkers who have shaped the political debate.

The Puzzle of Post Revolution Egypt    
March 15, 2011
Will democracy take hold in Egypt and will the new government be secular or theocratic and will a revival of nationalism play a role? PI Online attempts to shed light on these questions by examining the ideology of the major players shaping the future of Egypt. Some actions by these groups were predictable, like the Muslim Brotherhood. What lies behind actions of others, like the Coptic Christian Church, the Egyptian Military Command, Saudi Arabia and even the United States, is more complex and worrisome.
Secular or Islamic State: Where Does Egypt's Military Government Stand?    
February 16, 2011
Egypt's caretaker military government has appointed an avid Islamist who believes the shari'a should be the law of the land to lead efforts to amend the country's constitution. What signals are they sending to the world and radical factions within Egypt?
God's Authority v. Power to the People    
March 01, 2010
Western commentators on Islam and the Arab World too often quote liberal Arab writers and ignore Islamist writers who have far greater influence on a large and growing segment of the Arab/Muslim population. PI Online analyzes the ideology of this conservative group, through the eyes of two of the most popular Islamic writers, the Tunisian Rashid Al-Ghannouchi and the Egyptian Fahmi Huwaidi .
Understanding Moderate Islam through Al-Qaradawi's Eyes     
September 21, 2009
All eyes have been on "radical Islam" while the real "moderate" elements, which constitute the majority of the Muslim World, are ignored, except for the occasional platitude to assure them that "we are not at war with Islam".
PI Online explains why no Western policy towards Islam can be successful without engaging the real moderates and why understanding Qaradawi's views is an essential element in formulating that policy.
Hazards and Pitfalls of the Islamic Movements [PI 562]    
August 29, 2008
PI Online examines recent criticism and interpretations of Islamic dogma by some North African writers who are attempting to reform Muslim thinking and counteract the rigidity of Salafism.
PI 550 - Building Churches in Saudi Arabia - The King's Dilemma    
April 07, 2008
When religious coexistence and religious dogma collide in the Middle East, it is difficult for good intentions to prevail. PI Online examines the arguments used by conservative Muslims who reject the idea of building Churches on Saudi soil and the unenviable position in which they placed the Saudi King.
PI 908 - Ahmad Al-Rubei, 1949-2008 - In Memoriam    
March 10, 2008
PI Online examines the life of this Harvard educated liberal who was credited for naming Al-Arabiya news channel. The writings of this columnist, parliamentarian and former Education minister always had a clear vision of right versus wrong, regardless of what was viewed as politically correct in the Arab World.
PI 545 - Misunderstanding the "Other"
A Call for a New Perspective to Foster Dialogue
March 03, 2008
Egyptian thinker has proclaimed that no single religion has the right to monopolize God's favoritism. He proposes a five points approach to serve as a foundation for a new perspective by participants in the cultural and religious dialogue.
PI 544 - Two Prominent Sheikhs Speak Out on Women Rights and Freedom of Expression    
February 28, 2008
Sheikh Al-Qarni lashes out against the systemic extortion and subjugation of women by tyrannical male family members in Saudi Arabia and sheikh Al-'Awdah advocates openness towards western culture, warning against what he calls a "closed door" policy. He also advised Muslim women to adopt the clothing habits of the societies in which they reside, including the West, while maintaining a conservative appearance.
[PI 540] Is "Islamic Secularism" an Oxymoron?    
February 05, 2008
What are the challenges facing those advocating the emerging ideology known as "Islamic Secularism" and should Muslims be free to chose the political regime that is most adaptable to the times while remaining faithful to Islam?
[Pi 539] Saudi Woman Writer Speaks Out on Fanaticism    
February 03, 2008
Iman Al-Qahtani addresses the issue of fanaticism in Islam and blames the clerical establishment for misinterpreting the Qur'an and the education system for inflaming the youth. She poses the provocative question whether humans have corrupted the true meaning of the Qur'an throughout the centuries.
PI 537 Arab identity does not exist !    
January 27, 2008
Sheikh 'A'id Al-Qarni declares that the Arab mindset does not have identifiable characteristics and the only solution is for Arabism to become synonymous with Islamism.
[PI 536] Interpreting the Qur'an - New Voices    
January 25, 2008
Columnist Sayyed Wild-Abah brings to the public a recent important debate undertaken by Muslim Philosophers who are challenging traditional Quranic interpretations. These new Islamic thoughts could have serious theological and political implications.
[PI 535] Peace in Exchange for the Veil    
January 21, 2008
Writer Ma'mun Fendi considers the veil a public, political manifestation of fanaticism which contributed to Egypt's cultural decline. He blames the late president Sadat for having given birth to that religious phenomenon.
[PI 533] Al-Qaeda Hijacked - Jihad on the Rise?    
January 17, 2008
Reviewing twenty-years of Jihadi movements since the inception of Al Qaeda in 1988, political analyst Khalil Al-'Anani predicts a new and disturbing transformation of these movements during the coming year.
[PI 530] Ibn Rushd (Averroes) and the Equality of Women    
January 13, 2008
Academician argues that progress and development in Arab and Muslim society cannot be achieved without resolving the role of women in the manner of the twelfth century philosopher Ibn Rushd.
[PI 532] A Novel Approach to the Relationship between Politics and Islam [ON LANGUAGE]    
January 12, 2008
A prominent scholar and political Islamic leader presents a compelling argument for the co-existence of Islam and secularism in the Muslim world and calls for reform.
[PI 529] Journalist and Cleric Clash over the Role of Women in Government    
January 04, 2008
A well known Saudi Journalist is under attack by the religious establishment for insinuating that it is acceptable for a woman to head a government in a Muslim country.
[Pi 528] Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Spotlight on Fundamentalism: The Exception or the Norm
January 01, 2008
Most western politicians and analysts make the assumption that violence and fundamentalist governments would only be supported by a very limited portion of the Muslim population. Ma'mun Fendi writing in the daily newspaper asharq al-awsat challenges that conventional wisdom and presents facts in support of his thesis.
[PI 526] Islam and Secularism    
December 19, 2007
The stark contrast between two different perspectives on the interaction between secularism and Islam reveals a serious ideological divide within the Arab/Muslim world.
PI 906 - Perspectives on Jihad    
December 08, 2007
Seven analysts reflect upon Dr. Fadl's re-examination of the Jihadi Movement - Is violent Jihad inherent in Salafi dogma or is it the intersection of dogma and socio-political conditions
Pi 524 A Muslim Woman Takes Center Stage    
November 29, 2007
''The testimony of a woman is legally equal in weight with a man's testimony'' With that statement, a prominent Muslim woman, Dr. Zeinab Radwan, takes on the Islamic establishment.
[PI 519] 'Amr Khaled Message of Hope    
November 04, 2007
An analysis of the style and message of the enormously influential Islamic tele-preacher Amr Khaled
[PI 518] Does ''Citizenship'' Have Meaning in Islam? [ON LANGUAGE]    
November 01, 2007
Qaradawi's linguistic deconstruction of the meaning of ''citizenship'' and ''brotherhood'' within an Islamic framework.
[PI 517] Islamic Jurisprudence and the Recognition of Israel    
October 31, 2007
PI Online examines the religious justification used to legitimize the recognition of Israel.
[PI 514] The Political Islamist Meets the Philosopher    
October 20, 2007
Moroccan author Ahmad Al-Raysuni chooses the twelfth century philosopher Ibn Rushd, known in the West as ''Averroes'', to prove that religion and politics can blend. Al-Raysuni either ignored or was unaware of Averroes' philosophy.
[PI 601] Two Muslim Scholars turn on the rhetoric against two factions of Al-Qaida    
September 22, 2007
Is there a coordinated effort among respected and relatively moderate Muslim scholars to condemn and undermine the violence and fanaticism exemplified by Al-Qaida? Two open letters by Al-Qaradawi and Al-'Awdah seem to suggest so, however it remains to be seen whether this is a sustained effort or short-lived rhetoric.
[PI 503] Is there a disconnect between Islamist Groups and the masses?    
September 18, 2007
The islamist writer Al-'Abdah accuses most Islamist Groups of pursuing an elitist, factional self-centered policy leading to their isolation from the masses. His proposed solution, however, seems to reveal a deeper agenda for transforming the entire Middle East to Islamic rule.
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