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October 17, 2017

On Language
Analysis of the words, phrases and slogans eminating from the Koran or other Islamic sources, which shape the debate in political Islam, including interpretations, misconceptions and impact.

PI 401- The Varied Interpretations of "Jihad" [BOOK REVIEW]    
March 17, 2008
A new book by Maher Al-Sharif takes a rare look at the evolutionary concept of Jihad in Islamic thoughts. In doing so, the author examines three important issues: should Islam only be spread peacefully or violently if necessary; should people be allowed to choose their own religion without recrimination; and should God be the sole judge of religious conduct.
[PI 543] Religious Diversity and National Identity    
February 27, 2008
Writer Adel Latifi suggests that, in the absence of national identity, the basis for laws and governance becomes tribal, sectarian and religious. He claims that modernity is slowly imposing an acceptance of religious diversity and calls for Arab leadership to govern its citizens without regard to their religious affiliation.
[Pi 539] Saudi Woman Writer Speaks Out on Fanaticism    
February 03, 2008
Iman Al-Qahtani addresses the issue of fanaticism in Islam and blames the clerical establishment for misinterpreting the Qur'an and the education system for inflaming the youth. She poses the provocative question whether humans have corrupted the true meaning of the Qur'an throughout the centuries.
[PI 536] Interpreting the Qur'an - New Voices    
January 25, 2008
Columnist Sayyed Wild-Abah brings to the public a recent important debate undertaken by Muslim Philosophers who are challenging traditional Quranic interpretations. These new Islamic thoughts could have serious theological and political implications.
[PI 532] A Novel Approach to the Relationship between Politics and Islam [ON LANGUAGE]    
January 12, 2008
A prominent scholar and political Islamic leader presents a compelling argument for the co-existence of Islam and secularism in the Muslim world and calls for reform.
[PI 518] Does ''Citizenship'' Have Meaning in Islam? [ON LANGUAGE]    
November 01, 2007
Qaradawi's linguistic deconstruction of the meaning of ''citizenship'' and ''brotherhood'' within an Islamic framework.
[PI 515] Shi'a - Internecine Conflict    
October 25, 2007
Yesterday, a shi'a Lebanese religious scholar, Muhammad 'Ali al-Husayni, accused the Iranian leadership of having a plan to eliminate all Arab Shi'a religious leaders. PI Online analyzes the doctrine of Wilayat Al-Faqih and what may have led him to that conclusion.
[PI 511] Violent Takfiri Groups are Back    
October 15, 2007
Radical Islamists belonging to the group of "al-Takfir wal-Hijra" were arrested by the Egyptian authorities. PI Online examines the history behind this radical Salafi group and what these arrests may signify.
[PI 512] Qadaffi Declares All Muslims are Shi'a    
October 12, 2007
President Qadaffi of Libya reopened the semantic debate over the historical interpretation of the word Shi'a. His views will be vigorously challenged by radical Islamists, as well as some moderate Sunni Muslims. PI Online examines the logic and the controversy behind it.
[PI 507] A Shi'a Concept Conveniently Adopted by Sunni Political Movements    
October 04, 2007
[ON LANGUAGE] - Author Wahid 'Abdel-Meguid, in his article entitled "The Religious Marja'iyyah ...the Islamic Movements' Impasse," discusses how the Brotherhood misuses a label suggesting harmony between religion and state for its platform that disregards the sovereignty of the state and its democratic foundation.
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