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October 17, 2017

Shia - Sunni Conflict
Examining political perceptions and criticisms that Suni and Shia have of each other.

Lost Dignity Regained (with postscript 5/9/2010)    
April 27, 2010
The most important result of the Iraqi elections is rarely mentioned in the Western press. Through the limited victory of the Iraqiyya party, the Sunnis have regained their "lost dignity". PI Online examines how these results have positively influenced the Arab psyche throughout the region. Without our support however, this restored dignity may be short lived and the moderates marginalized. Instead of a secular national unity governing Iraq, violent sectarianism will remain the law of the land and the radicals will rejoice.
Egypt in the Crossfire [PI 565]    
January 06, 2009
PI Online analyzes how the Islamization of the Palestinian conflict by Hamas coupled with the Israeli massacres in Gaza has left Egypt in the political crossfire and scrambling for a way out.
PI 560 - Iraq by the Numbers    
July 30, 2008
Numbers impose a logic of their own that is difficult to refute. PI Online examines the role of women in suicidal attacks in Iraq and the larger implication of their actions.
See also: How Baida Wanted to Die [NY Times Magazine August 16. 2009] http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/16/magazine/16suicide-t.html
[PI 541] - The Archbishop's Remarks through Muslim Eyes    
February 19, 2008
How was the Archbishop of Canterbury's speech about allowing Islamic laws in Britain received in the Islamic world?
PI Online examines the mixed reaction of three Islamist writers.
PI 525 - A Fatwa to Eliminate Violence against Women Raises Shi'a - Sunni Controversy    
November 30, 2007
Shi'a cleric's Fatwa to end domestic violence against women creates controversy with his Sunni counterpart.
Pi 524 A Muslim Woman Takes Center Stage    
November 29, 2007
''The testimony of a woman is legally equal in weight with a man's testimony'' With that statement, a prominent Muslim woman, Dr. Zeinab Radwan, takes on the Islamic establishment.
[PI 515] Shi'a - Internecine Conflict    
October 25, 2007
Yesterday, a shi'a Lebanese religious scholar, Muhammad 'Ali al-Husayni, accused the Iranian leadership of having a plan to eliminate all Arab Shi'a religious leaders. PI Online analyzes the doctrine of Wilayat Al-Faqih and what may have led him to that conclusion.
[PI 512] Qadaffi Declares All Muslims are Shi'a    
October 12, 2007
President Qadaffi of Libya reopened the semantic debate over the historical interpretation of the word Shi'a. His views will be vigorously challenged by radical Islamists, as well as some moderate Sunni Muslims. PI Online examines the logic and the controversy behind it.
[PI 510] A Sociological Perspective on Present Sunni-Shi'a Animosity    
October 09, 2007
Is sectarianism the root of Sunni - Shi'a animosity. Mazin Muwaffaq Hashim believes differently and PI Online analyzes his position.
[PI 506] The Kingdom's New Judicial System and the Battle of the ''Reformists''    
October 02, 2007
This morning, The Saudi King adopted some of the reformists' call for restructuring and empowering the Judiciary while guarantying its independency. PI Online covers the behind the scene power struggle which lead to that announcement.
[PI B102] Cairo and Tehran....Is Washington Interfering?    
October 01, 2007
Why have all initiatives to re-establish diplomatic relations between Cairo and Tehran failed?
[PI B101] Sunnis Saving Face in Lebanon    
September 25, 2007
The Sunni hierarchy in Lebanon felt humiliated by the devastating results of its failure to challenge such an extreme group as Fath Al-Islam early on. This weekend they tried to remedy the situation.
[PI 501] Hizballah Women - an Underestimated Power    
September 22, 2007
The role of women within the Hizballah Shi'a movement stands in stark contrast to their almost non-existent public function within the Sunni militant groups. Writer Fatima Al-'Isawi examines the evolving political, social and military role of women in Hizballah.
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