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October 17, 2017

Women issues

The King Was not Amused    
March 29, 2010
This month in two consecutive events, the Saudi King and a Saudi woman took on the Wahabi religious establishment. PI Online examines how a simple gesture by the king and a poem by a woman set off another clash between the palace and an intransigent powerful sheikh.
Egypt's Judges Dispense Injustice    
March 10, 2010
An overwhelming majority of judges in the Egyptian State Council vote to ban women from the bench. This is a disheartening sign of deeply rooted problems and dimming hopes for improving the status of women in the country. PI Online examines the social and religious problems, too often ignored, which led to this travesty. .
Arab Women on the Move: Trends - Countertrends    
November 01, 2009
Recent events reveal unexpected diverging trends among regions in the Middle East concerning the status of women. PI Online examines these events and analyzes the reasons behind these contrasting developments.
Diplomacy, Yes - Normalization, No    
October 26, 2009
The concept of "Normalization" between Israel and Egypt remains a thorny issue. A case in point is the storm that erupted this month over an invitation extended to the Israeli ambassador by a chief editor of a relatively unknown magazine published under the auspices of Al-Ahram...
Briefings - B 126    
February 15, 2009
* First Female ever appointed to Saudi Government
* The Sudanese Crisis: Dual Egyptian Emissaries!
PI 560 - Iraq by the Numbers    
July 30, 2008
Numbers impose a logic of their own that is difficult to refute. PI Online examines the role of women in suicidal attacks in Iraq and the larger implication of their actions.
See also: How Baida Wanted to Die [NY Times Magazine August 16. 2009] http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/16/magazine/16suicide-t.html
Briefings - 3/31/2008    
March 31, 2008
* Al-Azhar Conservative Pronouncements: No to the Inheritance of Christian/Jewish Wife from her Muslim Husband - No to the Equality of Testimony Between a Man and a Woman - No to the Restricting the Number of Wives
* Consternation Over Gaddafi's Remarks at Arab Summit
* Intellectuals and Organizations Defend Two Writers against a Fatwa Calling for Their Head
Briefings from Turkey-Iraq-Britain-Egypt    
February 13, 2008
* Veiling and Unveiling - Turkey & Iraq
* Apostates and the Copts - Egypt
* Cardinal of Canterbury Calls for Implementation of Shari'a
* British Deny Qaradawi Visa
[Pi 539] Saudi Woman Writer Speaks Out on Fanaticism    
February 03, 2008
Iman Al-Qahtani addresses the issue of fanaticism in Islam and blames the clerical establishment for misinterpreting the Qur'an and the education system for inflaming the youth. She poses the provocative question whether humans have corrupted the true meaning of the Qur'an throughout the centuries.
[PI 535] Peace in Exchange for the Veil    
January 21, 2008
Writer Ma'mun Fendi considers the veil a public, political manifestation of fanaticism which contributed to Egypt's cultural decline. He blames the late president Sadat for having given birth to that religious phenomenon.
PI 525 - A Fatwa to Eliminate Violence against Women Raises Shi'a - Sunni Controversy    
November 30, 2007
Shi'a cleric's Fatwa to end domestic violence against women creates controversy with his Sunni counterpart.
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