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October 17, 2017

Important Personalities

The Puzzle of Post Revolution Egypt    
March 15, 2011
Will democracy take hold in Egypt and will the new government be secular or theocratic and will a revival of nationalism play a role? PI Online attempts to shed light on these questions by examining the ideology of the major players shaping the future of Egypt. Some actions by these groups were predictable, like the Muslim Brotherhood. What lies behind actions of others, like the Coptic Christian Church, the Egyptian Military Command, Saudi Arabia and even the United States, is more complex and worrisome.
Secular or Islamic State: Where Does Egypt's Military Government Stand?    
February 16, 2011
Egypt's caretaker military government has appointed an avid Islamist who believes the shari'a should be the law of the land to lead efforts to amend the country's constitution. What signals are they sending to the world and radical factions within Egypt?
The King Was not Amused    
March 29, 2010
This month in two consecutive events, the Saudi King and a Saudi woman took on the Wahabi religious establishment. PI Online examines how a simple gesture by the king and a poem by a woman set off another clash between the palace and an intransigent powerful sheikh.
God's Authority v. Power to the People    
March 01, 2010
Western commentators on Islam and the Arab World too often quote liberal Arab writers and ignore Islamist writers who have far greater influence on a large and growing segment of the Arab/Muslim population. PI Online analyzes the ideology of this conservative group, through the eyes of two of the most popular Islamic writers, the Tunisian Rashid Al-Ghannouchi and the Egyptian Fahmi Huwaidi .
Understanding Moderate Islam through Al-Qaradawi's Eyes     
September 21, 2009
All eyes have been on "radical Islam" while the real "moderate" elements, which constitute the majority of the Muslim World, are ignored, except for the occasional platitude to assure them that "we are not at war with Islam".
PI Online explains why no Western policy towards Islam can be successful without engaging the real moderates and why understanding Qaradawi's views is an essential element in formulating that policy.
The King's Quiet Revolution [PI-566]    
March 11, 2009
The Saudi King realized that for the educational and cultural reform he envisioned to take hold in the Kingdom nothing short of a revolution against the old guard of the religious establishment was necessary, and only the King himself could lead it.
PI 908 - Ahmad Al-Rubei, 1949-2008 - In Memoriam    
March 10, 2008
PI Online examines the life of this Harvard educated liberal who was credited for naming Al-Arabiya news channel. The writings of this columnist, parliamentarian and former Education minister always had a clear vision of right versus wrong, regardless of what was viewed as politically correct in the Arab World.
PI 907] Ahmad Kamal Abu al-Magd- Personality of the month - FEB    
February 16, 2008
PI Online presents one of the most respected centrist Islamists in Egypt, known for his quest to institute a dialogue within the Muslim world and avoid a clash of civilizations. His usual optimism and belief in establishing a vibrant and peaceful Political Islam has lately been dampened by what he sees as a total failure on the part of the Muslim Brotherhood to participate constructively in the political process.

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